Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Buhl-Bushong Quilt of 1855 - A Sew Along

Introducing... the Buhl Bushong Quilt.
The quilt measures 87" x 87" and was created by Elizabeth (Bett) Bushong of New Market, Virginia in 1855.

What we know about this quilt:

Bett created and/or completed 2 quilts in 1855. The quilt above is the "Sister" to the Bushong Quilt owned by the Virginia Museum of the Civil War. Although the quilts are of different designs and size Bett used the same fabrics for both quilts.

"Bett, who never married lived in the family home all her life. Her brother Anderson built a home on the family farm about 1898 for his growing family. Anderson's house was willed to his daughter Mattie Bushong Good and eventually the granddaughter Elva Good.

Elva worked the farm. The quilt's donor Henry Buhl, was a close neighbor that regularly helped Elva. Elva having no children, appreciated Henry's concern and interest, willed the farm to Henry.

Henry and his wife Catherine lived in the house for many years. The quilt was on the bed in a bedroom upstairs when they moved in. The Buhls did take the quilt with them when they moved into town."

To see the fabrics and Bett's work better, here are a few close-up pictures of various sections of the Quilt:

We've created a 12 Month Sew Along for those that wish to purchase the pattern to create this quilt for themselves. On the first day of each month, a part of the pattern will be available to purchase for $5.00 (US) as an instant download. We released the pattern instructions for Month 1 on July 1st.

If you are interested in the pattern and/or participating in our Sew Along, scroll down the Shop page until you see the Buhl-Bushong Quilt. There will be a blue button that states "Purchase Now $5.00". Click on that button to purchase.
For your convenience, you can purchase the download on our shop page HERE.

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