Monday, December 4, 2017


We are happy to have you join us as we share some of our favorite quilts from our Private Collection. The Museum is excited to share the documented stories of these quilts and their makers, along with special photographs; all provided by the Museum's Curator and Registrar, Gloria Craft Comstock.

This blog will be narrated by 2 of our volunteers: Doreen Johnson and Patti Snyder; who have created patterns for these quilts to help you re-create them and make them part of your own history.

The Museum will share 4 Quilts per year, introducing a new quilt each quarter.
We hope you enjoy reading & sewing along as we share the stories these quilts have to tell.

Patterns for these quilts will be available to purchase directly from the VA Quilt Museum.
You can find them by clicking on the quilt pictures on the right sidebar of the blog or thru direct links at the end of each story page. Please note: some of of the patterns will be available as an instant download and all of the patterns are available in hard copy/Print and can be mailed to you as well.

Please join us on January 1, 2018 as we begin our storytelling journey .
The first quilt we will explore was created in 1843.
Here is a little peek.....

Celebrating Virginia's Quilting History, one story at a time ...